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Purveyors of Fine Religious Goods 

With everything from prayer candles to religious statutes, plants, oils, incense & more.

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Spiritual Readings/Consult 917-821-8280 Can be done in person or telephone Spiritual Cleansing


We offer traditional & non-traditional products & herbal remedies.
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Florida Waters, Holy Waters, 7-Day Prayer Candles, Herbs & Oils, Incense, Plants, Charcoal, Perfumes, Baths, Floor Washings, Incense, Blue Balls, Perfumes, Pompeia, White Egg Shell Chalk, Prayer Beads and more.


Spiritual Readings/Consult 917-821-8280

Can be done in person or over the telephone Spiritual Cleansing Unjinxing/Desenvolvimientos Prayer Instruction and Altar Assembly Spiritual Meditation Personalized Spiritual Kits Customized Orders  Medicinal Remedies: Used to cure a range of illnesses such as arthritis, hair loss, fever, and even injury! Problems Addressed: Love, Money, Finding Work, Protection From Enemies, Protection From Harm, Removing Evil

Remove negativity protection spiritual help with cases mojo

Removing Negativity

Have no fear! Senora Sonia is here to dispel all negative forces and energies in your home and life! Supernatural or paranormal experiences are common occurrences throughout the historical state of Pennsylvania. You might ask why? The answer is simple. The state of Pennsylvania is rich with culture and history since the establishment of our country. Why do you think network television series like: "Paranormal State" and "Taps" take place in the PA? A wealth of spiritual energies are around you and you don't know it. Do you have questions like why do I hear foot steps when I'm alone? What do they want? Are they here to harm me? Or maybe you feel like a negative energy is following you and you want clear answers. What ever your question or fear may be, we specialize in clearing out those energies that are roaming throughout your home and your life. 

We specialize in clearing (ghost chasing), protection, removing spirits from the house and cleansing the house of all negative energies. Most importantly, we teach people how to keep themselves and theirfamilies safe and protected. Visit our Products tab to get more information on how you can acquire our services.